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Since our inception, S3 has focused on sourcing the best solution... not a possible solution or even a good fit solution but the absolute best. And it's done while protecting your company's bottom line.

Solutions for You

How do we do it?

With a masterful grasp of a company's needs & culture, we employ an insightful, effective method of identifying, engaging & assessing candidates. And it's all done with cost-efficiency prioritized. Our placement fees are 40% lower than the industry average, resulting in the best hire and a better bottom line for your company.

How do we get there? It starts with an advisory board of individuals who are top of their fields. They bring excellence to their careers and lend their expertise to the direction of S3.

Our executive search partners tap into their expansive networks, turning up hard-to-recruit talent and driving the direction of candidate recruitment with their deep industry knowledge.

And a highly skilled, person-centered, intuitive assessment of each potential candidate filters out the maybe, could be, & possibly... producing the best.

Why Choose S3?

Regardless of size, all companies need qualified, viable candidates for open positions. But the balance of finding excellent candidates in both a time and cost efficient manner is a crucial piece of successful hiring. S3 is your solution.

A contingency-based fee structure combined with minimal overhead allows us to offer lower placement fees -- meaning you pay up to 40% less than staffing through a traditional recruiting firm . Our specialized, entrepreneurial operations ensure this cost-efficiency and are bolstered by a commitment to produce only the candidates who match the needs & culture of your company.

But we don't sacrifice results when cutting your costs. By utilizing a broad network of sourcing consultants, our selection process produces qualified candidates well beyond what traditional recruiting methods can turn up... giving you the advantage of selecting from the best to build your best team.

Lower Placement Fees
Our Clients

The bulk of S3's clients are sponsor-backed, growth-stage companies representing a wide range of industries. We specialize in sourcing for healthcare, technology and financial services, but we produce strategic solutions for every sourcing need.

Sourcing Consultants
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